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About Me

MMe at Worky name is Tony Kulik. I live in Belfast, Maine, in a house overlooking Belfast Harbor which my wife, Elaine Tucker, and I built and hope to someday finish.

I have made my living as a wood engraver for the past 16 years. During that time I have engraved more than two hundred blocks, completed over fifty commissions, participated in numerous group and one person exhibits and sold more than ten thousand prints.

I am currently represented by four galleries here in Maine including one, Engraven  Images, which I own. In addition I sell my work at a number of art and craft shows and on the internet. If you happen to find yourself in Belfast stop in at Engraven Images and meet me and see even more of my work than on this web site.

I am self taught as an engraver. I did attend art school for a brief period in the late 60's but, as near as I can tell it has had little effect on my work. I began quite accidentally when, through an etcher friend, found myself in proximity to a press and a few engraving tools. I made myself some blocks, cut some prints, fell in love with the process, quit my job and have been engraving ever since.

Philosophically I consider myself more a craftsperson than an artist because the medium is dearer to me than the message. My inspirations come primarily from nature and the world around me, and I work on anything that catches my fancy at the moment.

The view from my studio